C19 Emergency Rent Relief

If you’re losing income due to the Covid-19 shutdown but still being charged full rent, you’re not alone. You may be able to collectively request an emergency rent reduction from your landlord.

If your landlord has multiple tenants, it’s best to combine with as many of the others as possible (safely, without gathering in person) to send a group request. For example, “We are unable to pay the full rent during this emergency, but will pay half as soon as we have received a written acknowledgment that we do not owe the rest”.

If you sign up below, we will do our best to help guide you through the process of connecting with other tenants and making the request. Your landlord might well prefer to get at least some money on the first of the month rather than get nothing, especially when they can’t evict those who don’t pay.

Note: we currently only have the capacity to work with people in the greater Puget Sound area.