About this project

RentRelief.net is an all-volunteer project initiated by (but not limited to members of) the Seattle Solidarity Network. We’re mainly focused on the Puget Sound area.

We will do our best to offer basic help and guidance to those who come to us for support. Since our capacity is very limited, we can’t take primary responsibility for these organizing efforts. We will do what we can, but it’s mostly up to you.

We also can’t promise that these efforts will be successful or risk-free. You may succeed, and you may not. There may be risks, and there may be retaliation. You will have to weigh this against the need for relief and the possible consequences of not taking action, and make the decision for yourself.

In addition to organizing with your neighbors to press your landlord for rent relief, we also encourage you to plug in with the many other allied Covid-19 solidarity efforts and resources. To list just a few:

Puget Sound COV-19 Mutual Aid
Petition for state-wide rent and mortgage cancellation
It’s Going Down’s list of C19 mutual aid projects around the U.S.
Pandemic Organizing Guide from Bay Area TANC
Covid-19 Organizing Guide from the Philadelphia Tenants Union